Summary of Qualifications

Professional Experience

> S T M A N A G E M E N T, M E R I G N A C
As a Marine Superintendent, I lead the safety team and support the operations
and technical department which covers all operational, safety, security,
environmental and maintenance of ships.

> M S Q E O F F I C E R
A B C M A R I T I M E , N Y O N
Involved in development of crew-training on BASSNET safety and maintenance
management software, training crew-members to BASSNET on-board various
vessels of the fleet. Implementation of company’s ISM.

> C H I E F O F F I C E R , 2 N D O F F I C E R
A B C M A R I T I M E , N Y O N
In Charge of Cargo Operations management (loading, discharge), environmental
compliance (MARPOL, OPA90, BWM) and overall safety management of the

Other Skills

* Shipping Operations
* Vessel Management
* Safety Systems
* Compliance