Know All About Protection and Indemnity Insurance (P&I)

Posted on 2022-12-06
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Protection and indemnity (P&I) liability insurances are designed to address the unique needs associated with the marine industry. This particular insurance has a large coverage. It covers all the maritime liability risks of ownership and vessel operation, including the 3rd party risks for the damage caused during the cargo transit, risks of environmental damages such as pollution, war, political risks, oil spills, etc.
When it comes to Protection and Indemnity Insurance, there is no standard underwriting form. In fact, underwriters tailor personalized P&I coverage depending upon the nature and character of the risk as well as the desired insurance amount.

What Comes Under a P&I Cover?
The chief purpose of P&I purpose is to provide the policyholders with protection cover against any personal injury, illness, and death claims for passengers, crew, etc. Under the P&I insurance, the following things are also covered:
• Wreck removal
• Liability claims
• Repatriation & Stowaways
• Any damage to floating or fixed objects
• Damage to cargo or loss of cargo
• Civil liabilities due to oil spills or pollution
• Liability under towage contracts
• P&I does not cover risks that are potentially under a worker’s compensation policy or the ones that fall under the collision clause in the traditional hull policy.
• P&I Clubs around the Globe
The P&I clubs first came into existence in London, UK. However, the concept started to spread to other shipping jurisdictions across the globe. At present, there are clubs in the UK, China, Bermuda, Japan, Singapore, Norway, The USA, Sweden, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

What Do You Know About P&I Surveys?
Unlike all the other ship surveys, P&I surveys are different. Their primary purpose is to identify the potential P&I risks that can expose a member to liabilities, eventually leading to expensive delays and uncalled disputes with commercial partners.

The main objectives of the P&I survey are:
To identify the equipment, vessel structure, operational deficiencies, or ISM code non-conformities that can be a significant P&I risk To provide recommendations for the accomplishment of practical and prompt rectification of any deficiency to minimize all the identified risks.

How Can Ship Experts Assist in P&I Insurance?
We are the leading providers of ship technical and non-technical services around the globe. Our experts are located in 70+ countries and with our strategic placement of resources, we aim to provide exemplary ship Experts services in UAE to ship owners and brokers. Ship Experts has been partnering with P&I clubs, Charterers, and Insurance companies to provide vessel condition surveys. In the maritime industry, there are three essential elements – the ship, the seafarer, and the cargo. In the case of any unfortunate event like an accident, if there is loss of any of the three essential elements, it is the Protection and Indemnity that covers all the losses. We make sure that the vessel is seaworthy. With our vessel condition survey, we ensure that the vessel is ISM compliant and everything is in place.
If a P&I condition survey is what you are looking for, ship-experts has got the right set of services for you.

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